Barrie Weaver is an award winning Industrial Designer. This portfolio illustrates some of his personal building projects.

Whilst Industrial Design has been a key focus of my life for 30 years I've been fortunate in that it has also led me into the design of working environments, retail and houses.

My appreciation for period buildings is a logical extension of this interest.

Bath, where we now live, developed as a result of house building on a grand scale that brought together the concept of mass production, sophisticated civil engineering and exceptional craftsmanship to produce buildings of stature and elegance that have stood the test of time. It is hard to believe the elegant houses that form the core of the city are nearly 250 years old.

You cannot fail to be impressed by what our forbears achieved with little more than bare hands and basic tools. None of the mechanical or electrical tools that we are familiar with today, simply the skill and dexterity of the individual allied to hard work.

There is too the reward of nature. Taking a piece of rough land and slowly creating a garden of specimen trees and shrubs is incredibly satisfying. Whilst there is physical work to be done to form the main structure and maintenance the payback from nature as plants mature and seasons change is immense in my eyes.

My wife and I have been fortunate to purchase and slowly restore a number of buildings with character, which are illustrated here.